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Our vision

We enable everyone to build wealth easily and independently.

Our mission

We combine thousands of corporate investments in one share at the same time - listed and unlisted.

Our values

  • Equity: We promote participation in the equity market and reduce inequalities in order to distribute resources and opportunities fairly.

  • Courage: We act decisively against seemingly incontrovertible realities in the financial system and stand up for fair treatment and equal opportunities for all people.

  • Solidarity: As a strong community, we achieve financial goals and support people, regardless of their budget, to make smart investment decisions and build wealth.

  • Self-determination: We enable financial independence so that investors can determine their own destiny and lead a fulfilling life.

  • Wisdom: With years of expertise and daily analysis of thousands of companies, we identify future themes today that will generate the Amazon*, Google* and Facebook* of the next generation tomorrow.

* Amazon is a registered trademark of, Inc. Google is a registered trademark of Google LLC, Facebook is a registered trademark of meta.

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